Art Studio

We’ve got some exciting news to share!

In October of 2016 we acquired a studio/gallery space at Fulton Crossing Artist Studios. BI’s professional artists, as well as other individuals active in Innovative Education, will be able to use this as a community access spot to expand their creative passions. Fulton Crossing affords BI a space for art sales, special events, and is the center of Sonoma County’s vibrant art culture.

We are thrilled for this opportunity for our artists to be able to work side by side with professional artists. We have started our move into the space, and we’ll make it official when we hold our annual Holiday Lights art show there next month on December 16th from 5-8pm!  Details can be found on the BI event calendar.


For more information contact James Cox at jcox@becomingindependent.org.