Monthly Giving

Become a member of The BIG Club and join a growing group of contributors who recognize the importance of predictable monthly support. Create a level that works for you, and enjoy the multiplier effect that occurs as the months roll by. Your gift will be subtotaled and acknowledged twice a year, and your name will be included in our annual report donor appreciation page.


To enroll in the BIG Club – download a BIG Club form (.pdf), fill it out and either:

  • Fax it to Jeney Pribyl / (707) 527-1206
  • Scan and email to Jeney Pribyl / jpribyl@becomingindependent.org
  • Mail to Becoming Independent:  Attn: Jeney Pribyl, 1425 Corporate Center Parkway, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Or feel free to contact us on-line or via phone: Jeney Pribyl / (707) 524-6659


Thank you for your monthly support!