Our Vision is to Empower People

Our Vision is to Empower People

Elevating Human Abilities Since 1967

Elevating Human Abilities Since 1967

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit, community-benefit organization, serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the North Bay. We are driven by our passion to support others in their pursuit to access the work, education and living opportunities they want and deserve.

Programs & Services

We are a part of your team and we support your growth with a portfolio of diverse, innovation-led programs within our three areas of focus; Education, Employment and Living Services.


Everyone has the right to choose their own educational path. Becoming Independent tailors educational opportunities to every individual's preferences, interests and goals.

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For those seeking employment opportunities, Becoming Independent offers 2 employment programs geared to fit your individual needs.

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Living Services

Our living services support people on their journey to achieve the level of independence in where, how and with whom they want to live. We work to develop personalized plans, skills and objectives for those we serve.

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Your Support Makes a Difference

When you invest today, you are supporting our mission, our programs and empowering the people we serve. 

Awards &

We take pride in how far we have come and how we are evolving to meet the needs of the future.

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Become a Difference Maker

We are a committed and compassionate group of innovators, advocates, educators, difference makers, and we believe in empowering and enriching the lives of others.