Elevating Human Abilities Since 1967
GuideStar Platinum certification

About Us

Becoming Independent (BI) helps people with developmental disabilities live meaningful and productive lives. We are a nonprofit community benefit organization serving the North Bay with a purpose to elevate human abilities for the mutual benefit of our Community. Our core values of human dignity, empowerment, integrity, community and innovation are at the heart of our vision – a community of innovative partnerships, fostering authentic human connections.

Each year thousands of individuals walk through our doors and are welcomed with opportunities to be productive and engaged community members through three strategic initiatives:


At BI, we believe…
Our pioneering model has and will always break barriers for people with disabilities.
In the power of authentic human connection.
That beauty and potential exist in each of us.
It’s our responsibility to be active citizens.
In standing for the rights of all people, the right to a life of dignity and fulfillment.
We inspire other through our actions.
We are all connected and our community is enriched when we invest in one another.
That every social investment has the potential to be broadly transformative.