When you walk through our doors, you are greeted with opportunities

We offer innovative learning experiences and personalized support in key areas of education, employment and living services. We strive to meet personal needs and goals to empower individuals to build their lives, on their terms.

Education Employment Living Services

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Education Programs

Choose your own educational path. As a valued learner, work alongside Becoming Independent to tailor your day to expressed preferences, interests, and goals. Our programs are offered in-person or virtually so you have the opportunity to build stronger skills in focused areas of:

Our services and classes offer a well rounded approach; focusing on each person’s needs and interests. Learning opportunities will help individuals excel in areas such as gaining stronger cooking skills, nutrition and incorporating everyday healthy habits

Advocacy and personal growth are at the core of all of our services. We advocate with and for each individual who walks through our doors and support them in opportunities for further exploration in self discovery.

Our social skills classes are focused on refining communication and listening skills, and discovering new ways to communicate with others in a considerate and compassionate way. These classes also provide ample opportunities to connect with peers, discover shared interests and deepen the sense of community of BI. 

With over 3,000 nonprofits in Sonoma County, many of whom rely on volunteers to operate, BI seeks out ways to support our fellow nonprofits and the people we serve. We believe that volunteerism promotes self-confidence and improved quality of life. With every volunteer opportunity, our community builds stronger senses of accomplishment, pride and belonging.

Art and music are excellent forms of self expression. Our Professional Arts program proudly supports artists as they move through their artistic journey and careers. Music classes are also available for anyone with the desire to learn about music and play a variety of instruments.

Working in vocational services, you have the ability to focus on building fundamental and transferable skills as you pursue competitive employment opportunities in local businesses around the North Bay.

We also partner with fellow community members and organizations so you can take advantage of even more volunteer, recreational, and employment opportunities.
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Employment Opportunities

Our employment programs offer 2 service options for the individuals we serve:

Tailored Day Services provide one-on-one support for individuals eager to explore their vocational, volunteer, or continuing educational interests geared towards an employment outcome. Some of the service offerings include: 

  • Paid Internships
  • Job exploration
  • Education 
  • Micro-enterprise development 

Supported Employment Services assist individuals with the necessary employment preparation such as job seeking services, placement, and job coaching. Our services focus on key skills required to secure and retain competitive employment. Some of these skills include: 

  • Development of Communication & Interpersonal Skills, 
  • Job Seeking Strategies
  • Destination & Travel Training
  • On-Site-Job Skill Training
  • Pursuing Opportunities for Advancement and Supporting Changing Needs in the Workplace.

We expand the definition of diversity when we include the unique perspectives and experiences of people with disabilities. Their presence enriches organizations by fostering innovation, creative problem-solving, and a holistic understanding of accessibility.

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Living Services

For those looking to live independently; Becoming Independent offers 2 service options tailored to individual wants and needs.

Living independently looks different for every individual and our Independent Living Services can help develop a plan to gain those personalized skills. These skill objectives span from, but are not limited to:

  • Support in Getting a Driver’s License 
  • Using Public Transportation 
  • Money Management 
  • Developing Cooking Skills 

These services are run in a one-on-one staff to learner ratio. Every objective is designed based on an assessment of an individual’s current skills across domains including:   

  • Self-Advocacy
  • Health & Safety
  • Personal & Social Skills
  • Mobility 
  • Accessing Community Resources
  • Financial Management

We provide the support required for individuals to live their most independent life, in their own home, on their own terms. We prioritize our services to be flexible and person centered, offering customized assistance that meet the individual’s level of need. Services range from weekly check-ins to 24 hour support. Those who participate in SLS services have access to: 


  • Support Groups 
  • Recreational & Social Opportunities
  • 24 hour Emergency Response 
  • Ongoing Support in all Aspects of Community Living
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