Elevating Human Abilities Since 1967
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Community Support Programs

Becoming Independent’s Community Support Programs are offered through 3 core initiatives: Education, Employment, and Living Services. Across the North Bay, people avail themselves of Becoming Independent’s services to explore their unique interests and achieve their personal goals. BI’s philosophy and approach to service delivery affords all the opportunity to be productive and engaged community members. We believe our pioneering and innovative model of service has and always will break barriers for people with disabilities. At BI, we are community members, employees, students, artists, volunteers, family members, neighbors, and friends.

COVID-19 Update: BI recognizes that many of the individuals we serve are at an increased risk of contracting and/or experiencing serious illness due to COVID-19.  BI has made appropriate modifications to programs and services in an effort to keep individuals safe. It is our first priority to ensure the health and safety of all individuals served, staff, and our community.